Current areas

Sinalização Digital com TelaSocial

Social-aware kiosk system which is powered by Mozilla and available as open-source.

Perguntas e Respostas em Língua Portuguesa com LPeU.

Portuguese Learning web site that provides articles online for free and answers to questions about portuguese.

Labs and Experimentation - ideas maturing

Taboca Flow is a Firefox Browser Extension. It let's you take content from pages and create animated experiences, such as a scrolling effect using text from pages.

CamCanvas is a JavaScript library that allows a developer to obtain images from the web cam via flash -- images are passed to a canvas object.

A Mozilla project. Marcio Galli contributed to Chromeless project and was hired by Mozilla as software developer to bring this project to life. Chromeless is a technology that can help developers to create browser apps in HTML -- packages HTML inside a desktop app.

HTML5 fonts and video demonstration showscases a mask effect where a video is being played inside a text.

A JavaScript library that helps a developer to create time-based animated presentations using CSS3 and other effects, such as zooming to content.

JavaScript draw app, experimental, let's you create a business card.

Prizes and References

Flux project was awared by Mozilla as a category winner during the first Mozilla Mobile contest.

Expression Widgets was awarded by McArthur Foundation and Mozilla, in Austin Texas, during the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge.

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